Cristal AdAvailable in:

  • 20 gr.


  • Blue based Crystal Additive cools   brassy tones as it lifts.
  • The Crystal Additives will give 5 levels of lift when added to the 12 series   blondes, creating a true blonde tone on the hair without damaging or drying   out the hair.

Recommended Use

  • For salon   professionals use only. The GKhair Cristal Additive was developed for   stylists who want to achieve maximum lightening. Ideal consistency was   created for bowl-and-brush application only.


  • Designed to work as a   maximum lightener or as an additive to the high lift blonde series for extra   levels of lift.   GKhair Crystal Additive is formulated to be mixed with the GKhair Lightening   Oil as a stand-alone lightener. It can also be used with the GKhair Highlift   Blonde Series. Mix GKhair Lightening Oil and GKhair Crystal Additive with   Crème Developer to create maximum lightening.

How to use

  • HIGHLIFT BLONDE:   For five levels of lift: Mix a color from the Highlift Blonde Series (20ml), 1   packet of Crystal Additives (20g) and 40 Volume Crème Developer (40ml).

For detailed instructions see the step by step application   process at visit