Intensive Treatments



Available In:

  • 500 grams (17.6 Oz.)
  • Treatment Options: Shea Butter & Keratin, Chocolate, Mayoliva, and Yogurt


  • Damage reconstruction treatment for all hair types
  • Penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen and repair from the inside out
  • Strengthens hair weakened by chemical services, heat styling, and environmental effects

Recommended Use:

  • For professionals and clients of all hair types who want to repair damaged hair and fortify it with keratin proteins. This professional in-salon treatment delivers moisture and nourishes hair for a smooth and sleek deep treatment. The variety of treatment options allow for professionals to treat any kind of hair damage and provide beautiful results.


Shea Butter & Keratin – Vitality and hydration for dehydrated and damaged hair

  • Professional Intensive Hair Treatment contains Shea Butter, (grease extracted from the Shea Tree walnut) in combination with Keratin, which strengthens hair fibers, and at the same time helps to replace the protein that hair has lost, repairs, nourishes and intensely hydrates dry and damaged hair.

Chocolate – Energizing Treatment for damaged and brittle hair.

  • Professional Intensive Hair Treatment contains Cocoa Extract, which helps to activate the circulation of the scalp providing the nutrients needed for healthy and silky hair growth, deeply nourishes and hydrates damaged and brittle hair helping to restore its softness, shine and silkiness.

Mayoliva – Hydration for stressed deteriorated and aged hair.

  • Professional Intensive Hair Treatment contains a combination of Egg Protein and Olive Oil, which helps to preserve a healthy hair and gives extended time protection deeply revitalizing and restoring natural hair shine, hydrates stressed, deteriorated and brittle hair, restores vitality and natural shine.

Yogurt – Hydrate and protect hair from the harmful effects of the environment.

  • Professional Intensive Hair Treatment contains Milk Protein, which helps to detoxify and deeply refresh hair, reestablishes fluid balance, and at the same time gives hair protection from the environment harm effects, deeply moisturizes and refreshes dry and mistreated hair.

How to Use:

  • Apply to wet hair, coat the hair evenly, and leave on for 20 minutes with cap under the dryer. Rinse well, style as desired as you feel the transforming results.