Lakmé is the fruit of experience, passion and knowledge in the field of cosmetic research. A team of professionals with one goal in common: to devote their efforts to building an ambitious project, bringing their vision of hairdressing to the development of haircare and beauty products.

Lakmé is a company inspired by beauty. Hair is a fundamental element of their personality. Health, wellbeing, and the search for great personal image are the essential values that guide Lakmé towards the hair’s natural beauty. With the development of Lakmé products, the company aims to bring these values to fruition in hairdressing, through professional creativity and the infinite possibilities that hair provides.

Lakmé was founded in 1996, the company established as its first objective the search for maximum quality and the provision of added value to its range of products. Right at the beginning, Lakmé set up a high-tech laboratory and since then it has been characterized by its innovative spirit, technical excellence and international profile.

Lakmé very soon won widespread recognition. Professionals appreciate the quality of its products, reflected in both its commitment to customer service and the high level of the design and packaging. With its laboratories in Barcelona, Lakmé displays its enthusiasm for Mediterranean values. Artistic tradition, ties with nature and the culture of knowledge exchange are attributes of the company that favor beauty, hair health, and innovation.

The Mediterranean values are now recognized as the epitome of balance and well-being. Lakmé is the ambassador of this lifestyle with its open, restless and multicultural character.




TEKNIA is the high-tech line from LAKMÉ for hair care and hydration. The TEKNIA formula has been prepared with carefully selected natural ingredients and using the most advanced technology to develop a range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments capable of restoring original qualities to all kinds of hair.

TEKNIA has added to its range of products a frequent use shampoo Gentle Balance that is totally organic and sulfate-free. In the Ultra range there are also new products: Ultra Red, Ultra Copper and Ultra Brown that revive red, mahogany and copper colors.
All the products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain environmentally unfriendly synthetic components.

Teknia Chart_72dpi



Once you have created a hairstyle, don’t let it fall out. Build the final effect using the latest tools against gravity. Extreme spray, mousse and gel for long-lasting, structural looks. For hair architects.

  • Fix Plus
  • Smooth & Shine
  • Style Control
  • Thick & Volume
  • Hottest

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Master: the intelligent line
Professional hairstylists know how important it is to be able to rely on a line of basic products that resolves the daily requirements of the salon and which is suited to all hair types.
Lakmé’s Master line meets the need for specific cleansing, conditioning, restructuring and finishing products. Products that work by means of a combination of electrostatic charges and acid pH, affecting the parts of the hair most in need by means of moisturizing and remedial active principles.

H.A.S. – Electrostatic affinity

Treatment & Care Master:

Care Scalp Protector, Care Stain Remover, Care Oil, Care Lotion and Care Tonic

Lak2-Bi-Phase Conditioner

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