Innovation, technology, creativity and adaptability fit into every aspect of the TecnoElettra product range. As a company whose products are “Made 100% in Italy,” they have always been pioneers in functionality, design, and high quality standard. With rigorous quality checks, along with correct and efficient production planning, the company’s continuous growth comes as no surprise. TecnoElettra continues to satisfy customers throughout the world, giving professional stylists the assurance that they are using the best and most reliable products.


ATOM 300

A new professional appliance with Ionic emission device. The ionic technology applied
to the Atom hairdryer consists of a production of a big amount of negative ions, with
beneficial effects on your hair. The hair is healthier, shinier and smoother.

  • Negative ions reduce drying time
  • Equipped with grip inserts
  • Efficient protections used to prevent any danger of overheating
  • Components are completely recyclable
  • Zero electromagnetic charges are produced, along with zero bad elements and no toxic paints are used.
  • Voltage: 220-240.