Traditional Line


Available In:

  • 500 gr. r 1 kilogram (1.10lbs or 2.20lbs)
  • Purple, Blue, and White


  • Pleasant fragrances
  • Power hold N° 11
  • Not sticky
  • Residue-free
  • Wet look

Recommended Use:

  • For professionals and clients of all hair types who want a “wet look” style to their hair with a maximum hold, and a memory effect for long-lasting results.


  • Alcohol-free Styling Gels with professional formula that delivers hold so strong your hairstyle will last until the next shampoo. The long-lasting hold remains under all conditions regardless of weather or physical activity. The ultimate Styling Gel to form and get super stiff spikes. The only one with memory effect – hours after initially styling your hair, simply add water to your hair to reactivate the hold power.

How to Use:

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