Silver Bombshell Shampoo

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GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo for blonde hair has a violet base which neutralizes orange, yellow and brassy tones in your hair. It has Vitamin B5 which repairs and heals damaged hair and split ends. The best purple shampoo is recommended for natural and colored hair. It contains ingredients like NATURAL SEED OILS, PLANT & GRAIN EXTRACTS to protect leaving it nourished and moisturized. Buy now GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo to neutralize unwanted yellow tones.   

Juvexin a keratin anti-aging Protein blend optimized for restoring hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state. Protects against future damage and environmental effects by creating a shield over each hair strand. 
NATURAL SEED OILS 100% accepted by our hair. Deliver hydration to the hair, leaving the hair nourished and conditioned. 
NATURAL PLANT EXTRACTS soothe and moisturize scalp and hair of normal to dry/ coarse hair types. Deliver gentle natural moisture. 
NATURAL GRAIN EXTRACTS are natural proteins that strengthen the hair to protect each strand against damage. 
  • Fortified with Juvexin
  • VITAMIN B5 mends and heals damaged hair
  • Safe to use with GKhair Taming System
  • Eliminates unwanted brassy or gold tones
Massage GKhair Silver Shampoo into wet hair. Rinse and follow with GKhair Color Protection Moisturizing Conditioner. Style and finish with GKhair after-care products for a moisturized and managed look. 
BONUS Red & Copper hair can use Silver Shampoo to remove unwanted orange or yellow tones!